Dan 'Danno' Hunt

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Dan 'Danno' Hunt

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Image: – Remember 1st President of the Texas Chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse. (B.A.C.A.) Dan – Texas Motorcycle Clubs


Dan“Danno” Hunt passed away on Monday, October 30th. He is survived by his daughter Heather, his sister Connie and his brother Barry along with a slew of friends. Danno's wishes were to be cremated and have his family spread his ashes at sea on the west coast where he hailed from. 

A GO FUND ME account has been set up in his daughter's behalf to help cover Danno's cremation expenses, her travel expenses from the west coast to attend to Danno's affairs and to secure, store and ship Danno's motorcycles and belongings back home to Oregon.  Please help us with whatever you can in order to make this happen.

From Facebook:

Teresa Y Cazares

R.I.P. Danno ??
Danno was the 1st President of the Texas Chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse. (B.A.C.A.)
I personally know what a caring, giving and loving group of people they are because they reached out to my children and I during some very difficult times. 
This really touches my heart because he died by suicide. It goes to show us that no matter whats in a person's heart or how generous or kind they are suicide can still happen. We never know what someone is going thru.
I will never forget their support, love and compassion that not only touched our lives but has touched so many others! 
Please donate if you can to help this family just as he helped so many in his lifetime! If you cant donate please pray for his family both by blood and leather and share this post.






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