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U.S. Marines - Semper Fidelis
Houston, TX 77083
U.S. Marines - Semper Fidelis is a Veteran's Motorcycle Association comprised of veterans that have the pride of having honorably served in the United States Marine Corps as well as share in the sport of motorcycling. We are a family oriented, non-political and non-territorial association. We support veterans' causes whenever and wherever possible. We are not affiliated with the United States Marine Corps in any official capacity.


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Texas Motorcycle Clubs DEAD WEBSITES

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RedLine MC

Based out of Mckinney Texas. Sport bike exclusive.

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K9 M.C. Inc
Killeen, TX 76549
K9 National, Incorporated was established in November 2006. It was created in an effort to ensure that the same standards were applied and met throughout the country as the K9 family began to grow and expand. Simply put, it is a higher echelon of K9 that started as a motorcycle club in North Carolina. Although K9 is now operating as a corporation and constantly considering new “franchises,” its growth is still based on quality and not quantity. If K9 was in the business of giving out colors, there would be a chapter in every state by now. It still takes special kinds of people to belong to K9. Besides expanding and strengthening our current entities, we are always willing to consider others like bowling teams, car clubs, etc. Are you our next leader?


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former outlaws, reaching outlaws for Jesus Christ.


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